Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Service Maintenance

The law requires you have fire safety equipment and to have your fire extinguishers serviced once each year (Annually). These service requirements have to be recorded and certified and made available for insurance, health & safety or fire officers on demand.

Lancashire Fire and Safety fire extinguisher equipment servicing is carried out to comply with BS5306: Part 3 & Part 8, BS6643 and BS7937.

The company and service technicians have been awarded British approval for BAFE fire equipment service maintenance, BS5306 Part 3.

Fire extinguisher service maintenance is carried out by experienced fully qualified professional service engineers who are not paid on commission basis.

A full report is provided detailing any remedial action required, if any. A certificate of service maintenance will also be issued. Lancashire Fire and Safety provide fixed price servicing with no hidden extras or hidden contracts.

Different Types of Extinguishers
Different Types of Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers in Burnley and Lancashire

Lancashire Fire and Safety only supply kite marked fire extinguishers to meet industry recognised BS EN3 standard: 1996.

Fully covered with a five to 10 year guarantee, all new fire extinguishers are manufactured to the highest standards and the latest approvals, and are supplied by leading manufacturers of portable fire extinguishers.
Expert advice is provided to assist you in deciding which types of fire extinguisher and other fire safety equipment would be best suited to your premises. Lancashire Fire and Safety also advise on the deployment and number of fire extinguishers you need in order to conform to current Fire Regulations.

Water Extinguishers

This type of extinguisher can only be used on class A fires. They allow the user to direct water onto the fire from a considerable distance.This type of extinguisher is not suitable for use on electrical equipment.

Water Fire Extinguisher
Water Fire Extinguisher
Powder Extinguishers

This type extinguisher can be used on A, B & C fires and achieve a good ‘knock down’ of the fire. They can be used on fire involving electrical equipment, but will almost certainly render that equipment useless.

Powder Fire Extinguisher
Powder Fire Extinguisher
Foam Extinguishers

This type of extinguisher can be used ob class A or class B fires, and is particularly suited to extinguishing liquid fires such as petrol or diesel. They should not be used on free flowing liquid fires unless the operator has been specially trained, and this type is not suitable for deep fat or chip pan fires.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

This type of extinguisher can be used on class B fires, CO2 is particularly suitable for use on fires involving electrical equipment, as they will extinguish a fire without causing further damage to other electrical equipment.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher
Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher
Wet Chemical

The wet chemical fire extinguisher is ideal for Class F fires, involving cooking oils and fats, such as lard, olive oil, sunflower oil, maize oil and butter. It is capable of extinguishing a fire in a 75 litre capacity deep fat fryer. An added benefit is that it is also suitable for freely burning materials (class A) such as wood, paper and fabrics.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

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