Fire Alarm Services in Lancashire

The law requires you have fire safety equipment and to have your fire extinguishers serviced once each year (Annually). These service requirements have to be recorded and certified and made available for insurance, health & safety or fire officers on demand.

Lancashire Fire and Safety fire extinguisher equipment servicing is carried out to comply with BS5306: Part 3 & Part 8, BS6643 and BS7937.

The company and service technicians have been awarded British approval for BAFE fire equipment service maintenance, BS5306 Part 3.

Fire extinguisher service maintenance is carried out by experienced fully qualified professional service engineers who are not paid on commission basis.

A full report is provided detailing any remedial action required, if any. A certificate of service maintenance will also be issued. Lancashire Fire and Safety provide fixed price servicing with no hidden extras or hidden contracts.

Fire Alarm Testing

Our yearly periodic fire alarm service maintenance testing procedures include the following:

  • Testing of the switch mechanism of every manual call point
  • Testing of every automatic fire detector
  • Visual and audible testing of all fire alarm devices
  • Visual inspection of cable fixings
  • Checking of the cause and effect programme
  • Testing of the standby power supply capacity
  • Annual checks and tests recommended by the system component manufacturers
  • Reporting of defects and variations to BS 5839-1
  • Issuing a fire alarm service compliant certificate
Fire Alarm Testing

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