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Fire Alarm Testing

Servicing testing and maintenance of existing fire alarm systems, repairs, as well as new installations, are all available at competitive rates from Lancashire Fire and Safety.

Many business premises will require an electrical fire alarm detection and warning system incorporating automatic fire detectors, sounders and manually operated call point (break-glass boxes).

Some business premises will require a system of interconnected smoke alarms or point detectors.

Other business premises will need an automatic fire alarm detection system with a control panel which is able to identify either zone or specific location where the alarm has been raised.

Lancashire Fire and Safety supply install and maintain all alarm systems to meet BS 5839-1.

Our Fire Alarm Maintenance Testing Procedures

Our yearly periodic fire alarm service maintenance testing procedures include the following:

  • Testing of the switch mechanism of every manual call point
  • Testing of every automatic fire detector
  • Visual and audible testing of all fire alarm devices
  • Visual inspection of cable fixings
  • Checking of the cause and effect programme
  • Testing of the standby power supply capacity
  • Annual checks and tests recommended by the system component manufacturers
  • Reporting of defects and variations to BS 5839-1
  • Issuing a fire alarm service compliant certificate